13 . 03 . 2014

Brand0's and my Kid Icarus Rap Remix Medley is finally done! I apologize that it took so long to get it finished - but now it's uploaded on Bandcamp and can be downloaded for free by everyone! Check out my Bandcamp site!

03 . 03 . 2014

The recent Death Wish update to Payday 2 had a new piece of music, and now it's available on the digital soundtrack on Steam and Bandcamp!

11 . 01 . 2014

Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 is almost over, here's something to remember it by:

I am Error.

BrandO and I will release a vocal version next week, so stay tuned!

Oh, while I was at it, I remixed the World 1 theme from one of my favorite games, Blaster Master, too!

I am Error.

Note: Click on the "downwards pointing arrow" icon to the right on each player to download the mp3s! It's free!

09 . 01 . 2014

"Hip" Tanaka's awesome Kid Icarus soundtrack won the AQDG2014 Simon Viklund Remix bid! I can proudly announce that this donation incentive helped raise $3,303! It all goes to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

BrandO and I are hard at work bringing you a great remix of it! I live streamed an ~8 hour studio session from my studio yesterday, and the music is coming along nicely! Thanks everyone who watched and chatted with me!

Follow me on Twitter to get news when I'm streaming my studio sessions.

08 . 01 . 2014

It's about four hours left of the AGDQ2014 bidding towards what NES game's music I should remix...

I can now reveal that BrandO of "The Adventures of Duane and BrandO" will provide lyrics and rap vocals to the remix (whatever it will be!)

Check the Simon Viklund NES Remix bid detail website to see what games are available to bid for, and see what game is currently in the lead (as I'm writing this, it's still Kid Icarus).

Got that? Four more hours to bid, so DO IT!

07 . 01 . 2014

The Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 streaming website has been down for a good part of today, and people haven't been able to donate. For this reason, we're extending the ability to bid towards what music I should remix until tomorrow (that's an extra 24 hours!). So bid! Bid-bid-bid!

05 . 01 . 2014

As I told you in my previous post, you are able to donate money to the Prevent Cancer Foundation through the Awesome Games Done Quick speed-run marathon charity event - and at the same time vote towards what NES game you want me to remix music from!

The bidding has already begun, and here are instructions on how to donate/bid:

  1. Go to the Awesome Games Done Quick donation page (The link will open in a new tab/window)
  2. Write your total donation amount in the "Donation amount" box.
  3. Under "Bidding Challenges/Choices", there is a list box - click on the "Simon Viklund NES Remix" entry corresponding to the game you want me to remix music from
  4. Below there is a box called "Amount". In this box, you enter how much of your total donation amount that goes towards a bid on the game you chose
  5. If you haven't used up all your donation to bid on one game, you can click "Add another" to add another bid and put money towards some other thing (maybe you want to vote for two different games for me to remix?)
  6. Click "Donate!"
  7. Sit back and enjoy the sweet feeling of having helped prevent cancer - while waiting for the final bidding results!

You can donate/bid several times - and as mentioned, you can bid on several remixes per donation! Note that only one game will win and be remixed.

Spread this to your friends through Facebook, Twitter, your forum of choice, etc. etc! Let's raise some money together, and help a good cause!

31 . 12 . 2013

Awesome Games Done Quick is a fund raiser event made up of a week-long live streamed speed-run gaming marathon! You can tune in at any time and donate money - and by donating money you can win merch, vote towards certain gaming challenges. The last event raised a mind-blowing 448.000 USD to the Prevent Cancer Foundation!

AGDQ2014 banner

This upcoming event (January 5th to 11th), I will provide incitment for people to donate by allowing you to vote with your money towards what NES game music I should interpret! I will then live stream the making of this track on my SimonViklund Twitch.tv channel!

Stay tuned for detailed instructions on how to be a part of this!

Oh, and Happy New Year everyone!

20 . 12 . 2013

On the 7th of October this year, I made the following Tweet:

"Today, the most unexpected audio related project is taking shape at work... You'll hear it around Christmas this year."

Today, the fruit of the idea that was planted that fateful day can be reaped by everyone - for I present to you "A Merry Payday Christmas", the Payday 2 Christmas album! We're talking serious genre busting Christmas music here!

"A Merry Padyay Christmas" is no less than seven tracks (plus one alternative version of one of the tracks, as well as karaoke versions of all tracks) composed and produced by me, and sung by none other than Pete "Ye Olde Hoxton" Gold! Most of these tracks can be enjoyed even if you're not into Payday! Yey!

If you have Steam, I suggest you get the album there for only $0.99! This will get you four soundtracks - one to keep and three to give away! 'Tis the season of giving, remember?

If you don't have Steam, you can get the soundtrack on Bandcamp for $1! You can also gift the album or individual tracks to friends and family (remember, the lyrics on this album are NSFW (depending on where you work.))

Merry Christmas to you all!

Oh, and to test if anyone actually reads my blog, I will send a free Bandcamp download code for "A Merry Payday Christmas" to the first ten people who send an email to me (just use the form on the contact page!)

25 . 11 . 2013

Hi there, heisters and music lovers!

If you bought the Payday 2 Official Soundtrack on Steam, you have received a new track today free of charge. It's #16 and it's called "Armed to the Teeth", from the "Armored Transport" DLC.

If you bought the Payday 2 Official Soundtrack on Bandcamp.com you can get the new track in one of three ways:

1) Use your original Bandcamp download link to refresh the link and get the new track

2) Or write to support(at)bandcamp(dot)com and provide them with your original download link and they'll hook you up with a fresh download link that'll include the new track

3) Or write to support(at)bandcamp(dot)com using the email address you used to make the original purchase and they'll hook you up with a fresh download link that'll include the new track

If you have any trouble doing any of these things, or need more information, please contact support(at)bandcamp(dot)com

Thanks for supporting us by buying and listening to my music!

Stay awesome!

13 . 11 . 2013

With the Xbox One and PS4 launches around the corner, the "current" console generation is soon to become the "last". With this in mind, Kotaku have launched a series of pieces called "Last Gen Heroes" where they encourage their editors and readers to nominate the best of the generation in different categories - from "best trailer" to "best game ending".

Third post in the discussion about "best game soundtrack" is a nomination for my Bionic Commando Rermed soundtrack - and of course I feel very flattered and honored! I've screendumped the discussion to have it even if the piece would disappear from Kotaku's server. Read below. YouTube links will not be clickable - search for "bionic commando rearmed soundtrack" on YouTube to find the stuff.

I'd like to add that I honestly think BCR deserves nominations in both the "best game ending" and "best game trailer" too! Who doesn't love watching resurrected Hitler's head explode in HD? (That's me providing Hitler's death screams, by the way. NEEEIIIN!!!) And what's not to love about the BCR launch trailer, directed by Jakob Tuchten?

Kotaku BCR

07 . 11 . 2013

Game music site Sumthing.com has composed a top ten list of the best music tracks in current-gen games, and a track I produced ended up in fifth place! Check out the raving review of my reinterpretation of Remy's theme from Street Fighter III right here.

Listen to the track that snatched fifth place right here

04 . 10 . 2013

This will be my first blog post not related to my music or the game projects I'm involved in. I saw a horrible, horrible $200 million movie last night and I need to get this off my chest.

I saw Pacific Rim, and man that was hard to watch! I mean I was squirming in my movie seat.

Fighter jets with long range missiles flying unnecessarily close to a skyscraper size monster - one even navigating through its armpit and - big surprise! - crashes and explodes into the monster's claw that cunningly hid just outside the camera frame where the pilot surely couldn't have seen it!

High school level underplots where "elite" soldiers quarrel with each other and disobey their superiors' orders like it's a teenage rebellion? Elementary school level love stories where you steal looks at your crush through peep holes?

Two brothers "mental bond" can be surpassed by two strangers just because they have a stick fight? A father gets to hear his son die over the radio and is so unfazed he's still on the radio minutes later - clenching the mic even - desperate for life signs of the other guy who isn't his son?

"All weapons and ammo depleted - oh, wait we have a friggin' sword that can chop the monster in half with one swing! It doesn't even require any ammo, so why didn't we use that from the beginning? We even used a friggin' flatboat as a bat before we realized we had the built-in sword!"

And what's with the obsessional, cheesy shouting of the name of every move or weapon being deployed? "Fire the elbow rocket engine!" "Charge the plasma cannon!" "Praying mantis pose!" So much for the pilots' minds being linked, I suppose.

Also, why on earth doesn't a skyscraper size mech have a proper radar system so that its pilots don't have to trust people in some remote control room to give them hints over the radio about the skyscraper size monster coming up behind them?

2500 ton mechs being flown by eight tandem rotor helicopters? Throwing a monster into knee deep water - wouldn't that be considered a rather soft landing? Nuclear powered "analog" mechs don't aren't susceptible to EMPs, while newer "digital" mechs are?

Why would a general, when looking for someone to help hims creen potential pilots, choose utilize the help of a woman who is clearly too personally interested in the position to be unbiased?

Why does said mech pilot veteran/general give this same woman a red shoe to stir up her repressed, traumatic memories only minutes before she's about to get hooked into a mech for the very first time - a process known by everyone to require a stable mind - thus putting the entire military facility in danger?

To close the portal that the monsters come through, a bomb needs to be detonated in the tunnel between the two worlds - not in either world - and still the bomb detonates on the other side of that tunnel, meaning by the script's own logic that the portal is still intact. We can only assume the bomb killed the entire population on the monsters' side of the portal - hardly a satisfying ending.

I hope the movie at least helped the producers shift a lot of Happy Meal toys and Kinect/Playstation Move games - that seems to be what it was designed for. The trailer didn't make me expect anything more than I got - but Guillermo del Toro, you still let me down.

In this time of rehashes and sequels, I can really appreciate the effort and cohones in introducing (and pumping $200 million into) a new IP - but that's the movie's only redeeming quality. That, and the explosion that momentarily dried up the ocean floor. That was actually pretty over-the-top cool.

23 . 08 . 2013

Hi everyone! I'm heading to NYC for some well deserved vacation! I'll leave you with this remix I made of "I Will Give You My All". You can stream it, you can download it, you can enjoy it!

To all you budging music producers out there, who may have participated in the Payday 2 remix contest and are hungry for more remix work - this is a good example of a remix.

I'm not saying it's the ultimate remix - not even by a stretch - I'm saying that some of you take the remix material to a track and merely rearrange them, and remixing is about something more than that.

The point of a remix is giving the track a new flavor - adding musical elements of your own, a new bass line, new drum loop, something. It will probably even be best not to use all the material from the original track, so you'd better choose wisely.

For this remix, for example, I only used the vocals from the original track - the rest (lead synths, pads, bass lines, drums, etc.) is all new stuff. That's what made Alex Tran win the Payday 2 remix contest. There were some really good runner-ups, which I might share with you in the future. Maybe when my vacation is over.

Until then, stay awesome, all of you!

I am Error.

18 . 08 . 2013

Those are not my words, mind you. I'd be a little more humble when talking about my own work...

No, those are the words of Sam Clay, with whom I recently had a chat. He works for VG 24/7, and we talked a bit about what makes Payday 2 tick on a musical level.

Read it all here.

14 . 08 . 2013

Payday 2 was released yesterday - with those who preordered it on Steam getting a digital release of the soundtrack as a bonus, while those who have preordered the console version in stores get a limited edition physical CD with the soundtrack!

Today, the soundtrack is released as a separate download to everyone else! You can get it on Bandcamp for only $5 right here!

The soundtrack to Payday The Heist, which was released about ten months ago - gets a discount and now costs only $4! So if you don't already have it, get that one too!

10 . 08 . 2013

It turns our that YouTube gaming video phenomenon The Creatures really enjoy my music, and they invited me to play a few games of Payday 2 together with them!

I thought this was a great opportunity to reach a lot of people and masterminded some community interaction: A REMIX CONTEST!

This is the track from Payday 2 that you can remix:

I am Error.

If you're just into music, you can download the track as an mp3 right now, by clicking the download icon to the right ...but what's really cool is that you can right-click here and choose "download" to fetch the remix material!
Send your remixes directly to me at simon (at) overkillsoftware (dot) com and I - together with the Creatures - will choose a winner! The winner will have his/her song posted in the Creature's YouTube channel! It's gonna get hundreds of thousands of views for sure!

So, I hope you are already - as you're reading this - listening to my track "Razormind" and downloading the remix material, right? So what are you waiting for? Start working on that awesome remix of yours!

Contest submissions will be accepted until Tuesday the 13th of August! Hurry up!

03 . 08 . 2013

Hi everybody! I was contacted weeks ago by a few fellas in the Payday community, who wanted to conduct a live stream interview with me. It's taken a while for the planets to align but - in the words of Pointer Sisters - tonight's the night we're gonna make it happen!

They've collected a lot of questions on the Payday forum but questions will also be collected on-the-fly in the live stream's chat. You have a question for me? How did I start out int he business? How come a Rob Hubbard track ended up in BCR? Why is your website updated so seldom?

Then pop in on my twitch.tv channel tonight (Saturday) at midnight CET/GMT+2 (that's 3 PM in LA, 5 PM in New York and 11 PM in London.)

01 . 08 . 2013

This week I did an interview about Payday 2 and its soundtrack for GameRanx - and it was posted on their website today! Check it out right here!

26 . 07 . 2013

I get questions from time to time, like "how do I break into the game dev industry", etc. Today I got a questions that's rather common - and I thought i should answer it in my blog so that others who are interested can satisfy their curiosity too. The email was very short and to the point:

"Hi. I am extremely interested in what music software/softwares you are using to create your amazing music."

To start off, I'd like to say that the gear I used for Payday 1, BCR and tracks from this website such as "Hold on Tight" is very different from the gear I use now.

For these soundtracks, I only used a freeware program called Buzz, that has built-in oscillator synths (my favorite was "Guru 4") and effects. Guitars were recorded through my Line6 POD. I have a Bass POD too for the bass.

Last fall, I turned to more mainstream DAW software and got Ableton Live. I also bought Native Instruments KOMPLETE (a package with a lot of plugins - both instruments/synths and effects) and a synth called Nexus 2 (by ReFX) which I currently use a lot.

So all the music for Payday 2 is done on Ableton Live using only NI Komplete and Nexus 2. One of my "secret weapons" was to use a NI Guitar Rig distortion on the Nexus 2 synth.

In closing, I can say that I don't use any hardware whatsoever - no MIDI keyboard or external mixing table. I only use a PC with a lot of RAM.

I hope that answers the question! Everyone who has questions (or follow-up questions) should contact me, I read and answer all emails.

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